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Monday, October 23, 2017

Posts with Tag: Networking

Administrative Resume

August 17, 2010
Category: Employment

Please pass along my resumfor an Administrative postion.

Joy C. Kahler

1407 Marjorie Drive

Matthews, NC  28105

704 841-7626

Recruiter Resume

August 16, 2010
Category: Employment

I would like to become a subscriber.  Attached is my resume.
Thank you
Debbie Jackson

Administrative/Technical Resume

August 16, 2010
Category: Employment


Will you post this resume for a friend of mine and also add her to the "list"? She is an Administrative and Technical Professional looking for new opportunities.



James Michael Dunning AIA, CNU, LEED AP

Shook Kelley
2151 Hawkins Street
Suite 400
Charlotte NC 28203
M704 953 0357
O 704 377 0661 x 144
F 704 377 0953

Financial Resume

August 16, 2010
Category: Employment

Hey Colin!
Have a great day and week!!  I'm sure I'll see you soon! 
Attached is my resume.
George Delano

Admin Assistant Resume

August 16, 2010
Category: Employment

Corder Philips closed its doors Friday, August 13.  Thus I am searching for a place, person, company that needs an awesome administrative assistant-type person.  I've done this type of work for various types of industries and have enjoyed working at all of them.  And, I'm versatile and curious enough to learn and work hard at many opportunities.

I am extremely grateful for any networking you may be able to do to assist in my job search.  If you've worked with me, you know I will do my very best to ensure my employer / the bottom line benefits from my work while making the atmosphere positive and fun at the same time.

Thank you for your support,


General Business Resume

August 16, 2010
Category: Employment


Hello Colin,

I read your article in the Charlotte Observer and found it very interesting.  What a great idea. 

I have been in Real Estate for many years now and with the economy the way it is my Real Estate career has pretty much come to a standstill.  I am a single mom and my daughter starts kindergarten this year and that will free up a lot more time for me, so I have actively been trying to find a full time job.  My degree is in Human Services, but have experience in many areas.  I am passing my resume along to you in hopes that you can pass it along. 

Thank you in advance for anything you might be able to help me with.


Lee Anna Clark

Lead Dog Realty, Inc.

704-400-5355 Cell

704-714-6039 Fax

IT Resume

August 15, 2010
Category: Employment

I'd like to join your list. I'm currently looking for a job. I'd prefer a direct hire position in IT close to the Monroe, NC area or in Charlotte if I can work from home. If nothing like this is available, I'd be happy to be a waitress. Its not shown on my resume, but I have previous experience at that as well. My resume is attached.


Susan Akers

General Business Resume

August 15, 2010
Category: Employment

I have experience in retail management, customer service, food service industry, visual merchandising and purchasing.  I'm a quick learner and excellent multi-tasker.  My most recent job consisted of me traveling, overseeing jewelry departments in multiple states and preparing my schedule every two weeks; including deciding what stores to see, booking rental cars, hotels and flights.  I have attached my resume.  Thank you for your time and please let me know if you have any questions.
Rebecca Fiddie

Tenacious Marketing Liaison

Tenacious Marketing Liaison

Connolly's Happy Hour For the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

Connolly's Happy Hour For the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

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