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Monday, October 23, 2017

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Part-time Career

May 6, 2014
Category: Employment

The largest financial management company in the U.S. is expanding in the Charlotte region.  We are hiring ambitious local professionals that can assist our business with sales, training, and management.

We are currently hiring part-time. Work 10-15 flexible hrs per week and make $1,000-1,500 per month.

Did you know if you could make and save an extra $500 per month invested at 9% rate of return for 25 yrs, you will have $560,000 more saved!

We teach families how to make and save more money. To learn about our business e-mail your résumé and contact info to Bret at

Director of Talent Acquisition

July 24, 2012
Category: Employment

After 30 Years of Success, Consolidated Planning Continues to Grow!

Much has happened in the 3 decades since Consolidated Planning's doors opened - especially in the world of financial services.  In light of the recent economic turmoil, the company and its advisors have had to remain nimble while responding to the unique challenges that these times have presented.  In response to the unprecedented demand for planning services during this tough economic period, CP is in a state of expansion - seeking qualified candidates to become CP advisors to meet the needs of the public that is stared for real financial leadership.

 Our company cannot succeed if we fail to recruit new advisors.  We stand still without new advisors; there is no culture, no vision, no opportunity and no future.  We build upon people or we build nothing at all.  With every new candidate comes new potential, and with every additional advisor comes a new perspective, a new mind, and a new heart - all of which add tremendous strength and value to our organization.

 What happens when you recruit someone to our organization?  You give them an opportunity, a hope for a bigger and better future and a reason to live life to the fullest each and every day - a chance to do something few can do in life, to truly make a positive impact by improving the lives of others - and being appropriately compensated in the process.

 Whose life can you change?

Contact Becky Thompson at 980-235-7893 or email to to learn about opportunities.

Looking for a career change, or know someone that is?

AFLAC is hiring!  We are looking for individuals to help us with the expanding Charlotte and surrounding area market.  If you think you have what it takes to work for the #1 supplemental insurance company in the world, please email me your resume -  We are looking for motivated, enthusiastic, coachable people to help get the word out about AFLAC.  Look forward from hearing from YOU!

Local Mass Mutual Financial Planning firm is hiring

December 6, 2011
Category: Employment

HF Financial is looking for talented sales people to join their ranks!  HF Financial has been a Charlotte tradition for 76 years and has been voted by the Charlotte Business Journal to be the 2nd Best Places To Work.

Our three-year training program is designed to help build a professional practice in financial services.  
Being a Financial Services Representative can provide rewards, growth, and independence- a combination that is increasingly hard to find in a traditional business environment.  It's also the reason why many people enter the career from other fields, such as teaching, law, accounting, marketing and consulting.  

Please contact Becky Thompson  at 704-557-9713 to learn more about the career.


Become a Financial Advisor

July 13, 2011
Category: Employment

HF Financial, a MassMutual career agency is looking for talented sales people to join their ranks!  HF Financial has been a Charlotte tradition for 76 years and has been voted by the Charlotte Business Journal to be the 2nd Best Places To Work.

Our three-year training program is designed to help build a professional practice in financial services.  A commission and bonus compensation plan will transition into fees, and other elements of compensation that are driven by performance.  Management opportunities are available.

Please contact Becky Thompson  at 704-557-9713
to learn more about the career.

Fight Property Tax Increases

March 1, 2011

Do you think your property taxes revaluation is too high?

We at Amber properties can use our Realtor Software programs to can help you prepare documents. This type of research will help you appeal your property value increases.

Call us at 704-251-9223

Career Opportunties at HF Financial

February 10, 2011
Category: Employment

 HF Financial was awarded by the Charlotte Business Journal to be the 2nd Best Place to Work!


Seeking enthusiastic and motivated individuals to join our team as Financial Services Professionals.  Someone willing to work with individuals who need to protect family assets, establish trusts, have concerns about investments, and questions about retirement planning.  In this entrepreneurial, consultative sales position, you will be responsible for building a business by providing financial products.




·       Prospecting for clients on a referral basis within clearly defined markets.

·       Developing and maintaining long-term relationships with clients.

·       Listening empathetically, gathering facts, analyzing needs and making responsible recommendations.

·       Expanding personal knowledge and skills through joint work with fellow associates


We are looking for the individuals who:


·       Has integrity

·       Is competitive

·       Business owner Mentality

·       Entrepreneurial Spirit

·       Leadership Skills

·       Sociable

·       Goal Oriented

·       Passionate

·       Is Confident, has a high self esteem, and is able to overcome rejection

·       Leadership skills

·       Is educated with a College Degree

·       Has Exhibited past Success patterns

·       Economic Stability


Personal Development:

We offer extensive training and professional development resources at all levels to provide you the background needed to serve your clients with expertise and confidence while constantly updating your skills.

Please contact Becky Thompson at
704-557-9713 or send her an email at       

Financial Resume

August 11, 2010
Category: Employment

Hey Colin,

Mr. Azara from Charles Schwab suggested I contact you and said you would be a great resource to aid me. My name is Patrick France and I am a recent graduate from Auburn University and I am looking to start a career in the great Queen City.  I graduated with a BS in Economics and looking for employment in the financial sector. My goal is to become a financial advisor. I would be very grateful if you could post my resume to your distribution list. Thank you for your time.


Patrick France