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Puppies Need a Home

August 24, 2010
Category: Pets/Animals

Hello All!

These adorable puppies appeared at my brother's house sometime last night!
They need a good home! Let me know if you're interested or know somebody who
might be! All three are females.



Puppies Need a Home

August 15, 2010
Category: Pets/Animals

Camp Bark & friends are fostering an abundance of puppies...we have a litter of little black pups that look like miniature black bear cubs. SO DURN CUTE!  They are about 10-11 weeks old and mama was a black lab mix.  We estimate that they will be about 50 lbs when full grown.  They have had two rounds of vaccinations and we will spay/neuter them when they are old enough as part of the adoption process.  They need forever homes now!!!!   

And then theres Elmer...the last little pup pictured...hes a 14 week old german shepherd mix who was found laying next to his sister who was killed by a car and laying on side of Providence Road. Elmer refused to leave his sisters side and was found with his head on her chest.   Elmer has been brokenhearted and is so sweet...Elmer looks like hes gonna be a big BOY!  The vet says he is mostly german shepherd and maybe some lab!  Please help us spread the word and get these little babies adopted! Please forward this email and send word to friends, family, & coworkers who might be considering adopting a dog!

Did you know that statistics prove that  black dogs are the most euthanized dogs in the country, linger in shelters longer than any other dog, and the hardest to adopt out.  Sad isnt it!  Please crosspost and Forward!!!!!  We need your help!!!!!!


 Cindy Starkey 

Waxhaw, NC


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