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Check your trees!

April 2, 2015
Category: Feedback

Hey everyone! I noticed that the maple trees in my yard have a black color on the bark that seemed odd, so I asked the company we got to treat our weeds/shrubs to check it out. Turns out we have an insect called “gloomy scale” infesting the entire trunk and limbs of our trees. They said over time they spread up and down the tree, and if left untreated, will kill the tree! Luckily it’s an easy fix, and they just injected a mild insecticide into the soil around the trunks of the trees.

I wanted to post this because as my husband and I have been driving in and out of our neighborhood, we noticed this same black color, this “gloomy scale” condition is in nearly everyone’s trees! The company we used was Shrub Doctor, and they only charged me $55 per tree. I think that's a good price! I’d highly recommend giving Mark a call about their trees. His number is 704-920-0290 and email is Hope that helps!

A CONvuluted Story- Attn Charlotte Area Geeks

January 17, 2012
Category: Feedback

Hi Colin-

My husband and his production company are working on a documentary about the people and events that take place at large sci-fi/comic conventions. They were approved by Kickstarter to raise funds to make this dream possible.

Please go to the attached link, watch their video and donate if possible. Thanks advance!

Stephanie Brown