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June 2, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

On April 16, 2011 multiple tornadoes touched down in Raleigh, North Carolina and the surrounding counties, causing dozens of fatalities and damage to over 450 homes. We don't know for certain that weather patterns are changing, but the people at CAROLINA SAFE ROOMS are working hard to bring high-quality inground tornado shelters to the Charlotte-area to protect your friends and family. The demand for shelters is at a historical high and working with a group discount broker like CAROLINA SAFE ROOMS is the best way to obtain an affordable shelter for you and your neighbors.

If your community is interested in hearing more, please call (704) 617-1541 or write

And don't forget to visit us at

We are here to provide you with shelter from the storm!

SavvyTown Deal For 4/20

April 20, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

Save 50% on Over 200 Flavors Of Organically Grown Loose Leaf Tea at ESP Emporium

"Rather three days without food than a day without tea." - Chinese Proverb 

Stock up, discover, or introduce yourself to the world of organically grown loose leaf tea with this 50% off SavvyDeal from ESP Emporium! ESP Emporium is a family of tea enthusiasts from around the world serving up a selection of over 200 different types of tea! 

Tea is a fine art, and ESP Emporium knows that better than anyone, it’s a combination of subtleness, taste and feeling. People who don’t know tea will often tell you that all loose leaf teas are alike but anyone worth their sugar knows this is far from the case. 

The teas you’ll find there aren’t the kind you would find in the isle of your local grocery store. Their teas are for the enthusiast and connoisseur alike, those who share our passion for specialty teas. To achieve that lush and vibrant flavor all of our teas are grown organically in their natural habitats all around the world (Including Africa, India, China, Nepal, Vietnam among others). 

Because every one of the teas they offer has been carefully chosen by their world re-knowned tea experts, part of our commitment to offering you the highest attainable level of quality in your teas. So browse through their inventory with confidence because your satisfaction is guaranteed, and you can also rest easy knowing you won’t find a wider selection of premium teas anywhere else.

Special Offer for CBAY Members from Snap Fitness

April 18, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

Please click the link below to view a Special offer for CBAY members at Snap Fitness.

SavvyTown Deal 4/18

April 18, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

$49 For Teeth Whitening Kit & Invisalign Consultation

$49 Includes Orthodontic Exam for Invisalign® or Braces and $1000 Off. Plus X-Rays & Whitening Kit From Charlotte Dentistry

Have you been interested in transforming your appearance, or looking to bring your teenager to a trusted leader in Orthodontics? Straight white teeth can seem like a dream come true to most, but with today's SavvyDeal your dream of a beautiful smile can become a reality. Charlotte Dentistry is giving an offer that your "pearly whites" cannot refuse. This is the deal for you! 

For only $49, Charlotte Dentistry is offering: 
· A Comprehensive Orthodontic Oral Exam for Invisalign® or Braces 
· $1000 Off Invisalign Treatment or Braces 
· Teeth Whitening Kit 
· X-rays & Photographs 
· Cosmetic Evaluation 
· Get Any Questions Answered, Consultation 

Having treated over 1600 patients with Invisalign orthodontics, Dr. Thomas W. Armstrong, DMD is recognized as the most experienced Elite Preferred Provider in North Carolina. 

Patients from all over the country seek his expertise, and dentists interested in Invisalign® visit with him to strengthen their skills. Even for clients averted by other orthodontic providers, Dr. Armstrong is uniquely qualified to deliver results using Invisalign®. 

About Thomas W. Armstrong, DMD and Charlotte Dentistry: 
As a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and an esteemed member of the American Orthodontic Society, Dr. Armstrong has been serving Charlotte, NC and the surrounding area for over 30 years, offering complete comprehensive gentle family-orientated dental care. With over 20+ years experience in orthodontics and the most experienced Elite Preferred practitioner of Invisalign® in North Carolina for adults and teens, we clearly offer you YOUR best options for a beautiful smile! 

“Many Charlotte area doctors offer the Invisalign® treatment, however when you make a decision that affects something as important as your smile, you want to go with a leader in dentistry, remarks patient Christopher Davis,” professional model and US Olympic 60m contender. 

Today's SavvyTown Deal 4/13

April 13, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials
Tags: Furniture

50% Off at Interiors Marketplace in Myers Park

$25 for $50 Worth Of Home Furnishings, Antiques, Art, and Accessories from Interiors Marketplace in Myers Park

Get ready to Savvy Accessorize! It doesn't matter if you are redecorating a room, doing some spring cleaning or just having a craving for a new look, at Interiors Marketplace you will find the perfect furnishings for the perfect price. Today's SavvyDeal is here to save you some serious coin on the best selection of home furnishings, antiques, art, and accessories in the Queen City! 

Created in 1993 out of a passion for the home and all that it embodies, Interiors Marketplace is the South’s premier resource for the procurement of fine home furnishings, antiques, art, and accessories, awarded the nationally recognized Retailer of the Year ARTS Award in 1997. 

John Vieregg and his wife Kelley, owners of the Interiors Marketplace, have gained a loyal following, including some of the world’s most renown designers who shop with confidence, relying on the discerning eyes of more than 40 distinct merchants housed in this charming shop. 

Originally located in the Atherton Mill in Historic Southend, the Interiors Marketplace has recently relocated to the landmark Myers Park Hardware in the heart of Myers Park. 

Interiors Marketplace has been nationally recognized in the following leading media in the industry: 

HGTV’s Interiors by Design, ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Southern Accents, Southern Living, Veranda, Elle Decor, Furniture Today, US Airways Magazine, Accessory Merchandising, Highpoint Magazine, Charlotte’s Magazine, The Charlotte Observer, The Charlotte Business Journal. 

Makes a great gift for yourself, freinds and family....don't forget Mother's Day!

SavvyTown Deal for 4/11

April 11, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

Half Off Tickets To "The Big Brew Ha" - Friday April 15th (7:30pm-10:30pm)

Something big is brewing this week in Uptown Charlotte! Something big like ... half off event tickets to wake up your inner barista. The Big Brew Ha is the inagural evening celebration of all things brewed: coffee, tea and beer including your favorite breakfast foods! Food will be provided by Dean and Deluca, Amelie's French Bakery, The Flying Biscuit Cafe, Melanie Row Catering and Harvest Moon Grille at The Mint Museum - Uptown.

The Big Brew Ha will be the Most Unique Party Charlotte has ever seen! The event is Friday, April 15th at The Mint Museum - Uptown located on 500 S. Tryon St. from 7:30pm-10:30pm. This SavvyDeal is for all of our Savvy Socialites out there!

Step into their modern pub and enjoy Unlimited Coffee, Tea and Beer (a bar will be available with other selections) along with our favorite breakfast items. This SavvyDeal $30 admission ticket includes a pilsner glass or coffee mug.

Once you've scoured the selection of all things brewed, get your brew game on by entering the "Brew Pong" tournament and ballon pop.

The proceeds from this event go to the Friends of St. Peter's Catholic Church.


April 10, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

We are growing again!!!! We are expanding from an 8,000 to a 26,000 sq ft building and are ACTIVELY looking for customers to help grow into the new facility. If you are looking just to store extra household goods, cars, boats, motorcoach's OR you have a business that needs help with warehousing your product, Please call us for an estimate. WE'RE DEALING!!

Robert Diaz
Affordable Moving Solutions
704-928-MOVE (6683)

$15 for Charlotte Citipass Coupon Book *Free Shipping Included!

April 6, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

Only $15 for Thousands of Dollars in Discounts with Charlotte Citipass ($30 Value)

Ok SavvyOnes! It's time to save some serious green. Get the Charlotte Citipass at a 50% Discount. This is a great deal for you and all of your friends and family. It's a true "Savvy Exploration of Food & Fun" that you can take with you all around the Queen City. 

Inside the Citipass Book you will find tons of "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" and 50% off coupons to over 300 great businesses in and around Charlotte. Enjoy tons of deals on fine dining, casual restaurants, shopping, outdoor/family activities and much more. 

Limited supply of books available, so grab this SavvyDeal while you can. Start having some fun saving money at your favorite places around Charlotte.

SavvyTown Deal 03/31

March 31, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

Deal Runs at 12AM on 03/31 on SavvyTown


61% off (10) Fitness Classes at Irok Studio

$39 for (10) Fitness Classes of Your Choice at Irok Studio on University East Dr.

You'll want to get up and dance to today's SavvyDeal! This is a perfect way for you and the gang to get in shape "in style" for summer at Irok Studio: The Ultimate Group Fitness Studio! 

Irok Studio is offering SavvyTown'ers (10) fitness classes of your choice for only $39! Choose from Ballet Funk, Zumba, B-Stiletto, Club Irok, Bollywood Bellydance, and much more! You will definitely find a class you enjoy! 

The mission of Irok Studio is to encourage women of all shapes and sizes to stay active and embrace their body image utilizing an alternative fitness solution. Irok Studio offers workout programs that use several group fitness classes to give you a fully body workout. 

With such classes as Jamaica Me Fit, Ballet Funk, Hip Hop Aerobics, Zumba, B-Stiletto: you are sure to find a class that perfectly suits you. They also offer specialized Plus Size Workouts (PSW). All of their classes are designed to facilitate a fun, no pressure, non intimidating, positive workout for all. Women want a better way to workout and have a blast! Irok, You Rok, We all Rok @ Irok Studio!

86% Off New Patient Consultation at Frisch Family Chiropractic

March 30, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

Save $215 On Your First Visit To Frisch Family Chiropractic in Fort Mill

Frisch Family Chiropractic is a family-oriented office in downtown Fort Mill. They utilize a diversified chiropractic technique as well as a variety of therapies to insure their patients obtain the best quality of treatment! All treatments are tailored to the specific patient's needs. What sets them apart is their devotion to the community, as they are always looking for ways to extend a helping hand! In addition to exceptional care and a peaceful atmosphere, all patients have the chance to participate in their health workshops - absolutely free! 

Frisch Family Chiropractic offers a variety of health & wellness classes, and are always free for patients! 

Patient Testimonial, from Miss A. Wallace: 

"I am a patient of Dr. Frisch's chiropractic practice. Since I have been coming to see Dr. Frisch I have noticed remarkable improvement in my overall health; all due to spine and neck adjustments and the different therapies. I sleep a lot better at night and I'm happier during the day. I never knew that chiropractic therapy could be so beneficial to my overall quality of life. I walk taller, faster and straighter (lol). 

I honestly feel like a younger verson of myself. Thank you, Dr. Frisch!"

Save 50% On Swimwear & Accessories at

March 23, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

$30 for $60 Worth of Swimwear at BabydollSwimwear.Us

Endless Summer is on its way SavvyTowners! This means that swimsuit season is almost upon us. That is why we are here to help you save 50% on the latest high-end swimsuit fashions and accessories.

Babydoll Swimwear is an original, up-and-coming brand that combines the vigor and excitement of creative sensuality with the passion and desire of earthly expression by offering unique styles that make women feel beautiful and confident.

Stand out as a savvy and stylish Beach Goddess this summer in these exceptional beach hats, bikinis and one-piece monokinis. Babydoll takes pride their company, creativity, integrity and products; these are the foundation of Babydoll Swimwear Brand.

This offer will not be around for long, so grab this SavvyDeal before it's too late.

20% Discount for All CBAY Members

March 20, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials


I'm offering a special promotional incentive to all CBAY Members who make a purchase on our website:
The current promotional giveaway of the month is a FREE DRESS with qualified purchases. The Fashion Crew offers free shipping on orders over $25.00 plus frequent shopper coupons and discounts.

The Coupon Code for CBAY Members: BAY20 (buyer must make a minimum purchase of $60 to activate coupon, plus free shipping, plus the free dress). Attached is a photo of the dress.

Contact us at: 1800-567-3504 or email at: for more incentives and promotional giveaways.

Thanks Much,

The Fashion Crew


March 16, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

Thank you ALL for helping me be named  the Constant Contact All Star of 2010! Because of you, the tool that sends you these emails everyday has recognized the growth and VALUE of the CBAY family. Check out the Press Release below!

See what GREAT PEOPLE can help you do!!

Thank you all for your undying support!


53% Off at The Art Of Massage in Myers Park

March 13, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

$35 for Any 1-Hour Massage Therapy at The Art Of Massage ($75 value).

Has anyone ever told you how special and unique you are?... Ok, besides your Mother?
Well, at The Art Of Massage they truly believe that every body is unique and so every massage should be too. It's kind of a mantra for them.

The Art Of Massage is Charlotte's Premiere massage studio located in the heart of Myers Park.  Each massage is custom designed especially for you so you get exactly what you and your body needs. At the Art of Massage you pay for the time you desire, not the service. Customize your experience by choosing any type of therapy that works best for you.

Ask for a Swedish to get completely relaxed or maybe you need a Deep Tissue or Sports to loosen those super tight muscles. TAO Massage specializes in several types of bodywork including Ashiatsu, Hot Stone, Prenatal and Aromatherapy... the choice is yours!

There are only a limited amount of vouchers for this SavvyDeal, so make sure you get one for yourself and a friend before it is too late.

$35 for Any 1-Hour Massage ($75 value)
You customize your massage:
Choose between Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Ashiatsu or NMT techniques.

60% Off Green Products at

March 9, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

$10 Buys $25 Worth of Eco-Friendly Home, Office, and Business Products.

It's not easy being green. Seeking out trusted and affordable "green" businesses can seem like a daunting task, until now. Since 2007, has been a one-stop web superstore selling eco-friendly green products for every home, office or business. They will help you live a greener lifestyle and reduce your carbon footprint through the products you use on a regular basis. Save some big green with today's SavvyTown deal: $10 gets you $25 worth of eco-friendly products from

From natural cleaners and BPA-free water bottles to green office supplies and energy-saving devices, their extensive list of products provides environmentally friendly alternatives for just about all your needs.

Ensure your footprint is green, instead of riddled with carbon. With today's SavvyDeal from, going green just got a whole lot easier and more affordable. offers hundreds of green products, including:
BPA-free water bottles
Biodegradable and compostable utensils, plates, cups, and containers
Natural dog and cat treats. Biodegradable doggie bags
American flags made with recycled plastic
Eco-friendly bamboo coasters and office supplies
100% recycled toilet paper
Natural cleaners, disinfectants, and supplies
Energy-saving light bulbs and low flow showerheads

Free Order of Wings with Purchase of Two Entrees -

March 7, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

The Scoop
Buy any 2 of Comet Grills award winning entrees, at regular menu price, and receive a free order of 6 wings.

The Fine Print
Total of 100 available. Limit 2 per person. Expires March 31, 2011. Requires purchase of two entrees at regular menu price. Dine in only.

To learn more of take advantage of this deal visit:

About Comet Grill
Established in 1996, Comet Grill has been providing Charlotte and the Dilworth Community with a true neighborhood bar and grill for over a decade. Unique in many ways, we provide some of the best food and entertainment in Charlotte. With an award-winning menu, this is definitely not your normal run-of-the-mill bar fare. Everything is made in-house, with high quality product and precise seasoning. On any given night you are likely to hear some of the best local musicians showcase their talents and we are one of the few places left in Charlotte that you can experience this live entertainment without a cover charge. Comet Grill is the bar where everyone knows your name. We make it our mission to ensure that once you walk through our doors you have become a part of something truly unforgettable.

50% off IPL Photofacial from Ballantyne Plastic Surgery -

March 6, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

50% off IPL Photofacial for Sun Damaged Skin brought to you by and Ballantyne Plastic Surgery.

Get rid of sun damage, age spots, melasma, redness and broken capillaries on face, chest and hands!  This no downtime procedure will improve your skin tone and reduce discoloration in a short period of time.

To learn more or take advantage of this deal visit:

About Ballantyne Plastic Surgery
Ballantyne Plastic Surgery is an intimate, professional practice led by Dr. Thomas Liszka the most skilled plastic surgeon Charlotte, NC can offer. No matter which surgical or non-surgical procedure you have been thinking about, Ballantyne Plastic Surgery understands your desire to feel more confident. We offer plastic and cosmeic surgery, Botox, Restylane and Radiesse, as well as advanced skin care treatments.

FREE Dinner for Four!

March 6, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

iPad (and more) Giveaway from JumpUpon

March 6, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

Win yourself a free iPad, Kindle, FlipHD, or Xbox Kinect from JumpUpon. Thats 4 chances to win!

  • 1 Apple iPad with Wi-Fi, 16GB
  • 1 Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures
  • 1 Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E-Ink Pearl Technology
  • 1 UltraHD Flip, 4GB, 1 hr

No purchase necessary, simply register at JumpUpon and you are entered to win.

Want to increase your chances of winning? Once you register you can share your personal referral link to get others to sign up. For each referral you improve your odds. Spread the word!

Winners will be randomly drawn from entries received during the contest period. Odds of winning will depend on the number of eligible entries received during the Contest Period. Winners will be notified via e-mail to the e-mail address submitted in the online registration form.

Sweepstakes prizes are nontransferable and must be accepted as awarded. No cash or other substitution may be made.

For complete details visit:

51% Off at Carolina Adventure Boot Camp for Women

March 3, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

$49 for a Two Week Boot Camp
(6) sessions total ($100 value)

OK ladies, it's time to get outside and start a new adventure. If you are tired of the "gym monotony" or find yourself struggling to get motivated; Carolina Adventure Boot Camp is about to change your life. Whether you want to lose weight to fit into your wedding dress, shed the extra pounds after your pregnancy or just begin to feel better again...this is the right program for you!

Women of all fitness levels, sizes, and ages are getting great results with Adventure Boot Camp. If you are looking to tone up, trim down and improve your health, sign up for this dynamic and supportive fitness program. Lose weight and feel great today with this SavvyDeal.

Let's talk about real results:
1-3 inch decrease in the midsection, 5-12 pounds weight loss, 100% gain in self confidence, 25% improvement in strength, 25% improvement in endurance.

"I ran my first 5k last year and am currently training for a triathlon. My life feels much more balanced today and I could not have done it without the expertise, guidance, and individual concern that each of you gave at every session. Thank you so much for everything - I "HEART" CAROLINA ADVENTURE BOOT CAMP FOR WOMEN!!!" - Karin M.

"Now I can say that exercise (more specifically Carolina ABC) is part of my life, not just a maneuver for a short term "fix".I have lost nearly 50 pounds and have dropped 5 sizes since April (just 4 rounds of boot camp)! Thanks so much for the positive coaching that keeps me coming back!" - Christine L.

54% Off at City Dog USA - Doggie Daycare

March 1, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

$16 for (1) overnight stay or (1) full day of dog care ($35 value)

The Dog Days of Summer are quickly approaching. Why not give your best friend a little social time with pals at City Dog USA ... where Charlotte's hip hounds hang out. Whether you are going on vacation in these upcoming months or simply need a dog sitter for a day, this is the deal for you! At $16 you can afford to send your sweetie to doggie heaven without worrying about your K-9 companion being cooped up inside.

City Dog USA is Charlotte's first doggie daycare, open since 2000! City Dog is committed to providing peace of mind to dog owners through experience, devoted care and safety, impeccable cleanliness, and endless love for your pets. Nothing compares to the fun and exercise of socialization with other dogs that only doggie daycare can provide. They also offer convenient drop-off and pick-up services and comfortable overnight stays that include a full day of daycare. Located right on the edge of Uptown Charlotte, with easy access from 277 Brookshire Freeway and I-77.

Don't Paws! Take advantage of this amazing SavvyDeal...your best bud will thank you later.

"My dog Buster loves going to City Dog!... We don't hesitate to call every time we go out of town. After bringing our pooch home, its like having another vacation. He sleeps for 2 days...playing with dogs 24/7 makes any dog or man tired!"? - Oct 2, 2008

"My husband and I are really picky about where we bring the dogs to stay when we go out of town overnight, but we love this place. Everyone is so friendly and so helpful. The best part is that if your dog stays there overnight, they get to play with the other dogs during the day..."? ? - Sep 9, 2009

Offer overview

  • $16 for one overnight stay or one full day of doggie care! ($35 value)
  • Up to 20 can be purchased per client.
  • Valid for one year after purchase.

Terms and exclusions

  • Cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • Must redeem in one visit.

76% Off Personal Training with ESC Mobile Fitness

February 27, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

$25 for 3 Personal Training Sessions ($105 Value) and $100 Off Any Personal Training Package

All your life, you've longed to transform. When you were a kid, you wanted to become a car. When you were a teen, you wanted to become a successful professional, or possibly a rock star. And now? Now, you just want to shape-shift into a healthier, more fit you. Make it happen with today's offer - 3 personal training sessions, including a body fat & nutritional consult, for just $35! Plus, you receive $100 off any ESC Fitness training packages, bringing the voucher value to $205! Call ahead to schedule an appointment.

Why leave home & fight traffic? ESC Mobile Fitness supplies on-site personal training and nutritional guidance services to people who live in the apartments, high-rises, condos and residential communities of Charlotte. For very affordable fees, their highly trained professionals will come in and help you make good use of the fitness equipment at your location.

With ESC Mobile Fitness, you'll see results faster, and with less wasted time and energy at your apartment or complex's gym by yourself. Regardless of where your fitness goals lie, ESC Mobile Fitness can help you get there. From nutritional counseling to increased stamina and endurance, they are there to lend their expert advice and give you a leg up on your new and improved 2011-model body.

Give them a try and put your body to the test. Because with you, SavvyTowners, there's more than meets the eye.

Offer overview

  • $25 for 3 Personal Training Sessions ($105 Value)
  • $100 Off Any Personal Training Package

Terms and exclusions

  • Valid for 1 year from purchase.
  • All 3 training sessions to be used within 90 days of inital session.
  • One per customer; may purchase multiples as gifts.
  • Not to be combined with any other offers.
  • Cannot be exchanged for cash.

CBay Special Offer: 4 Weeks at Ocean Isle Beach for $3k!

February 24, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

CBay Special Offer: 
4 Weeks at Ocean Isle Beach for $3k!

Completely renovated, second row ocean view 2b/1b beach cottage awaits you!  Relax and play for one week, four seasons at the beach in this brightly decorated home with updated kitchen and amenities.  Conveniently located across from public beach access and within walking distance to local restaurants and attractions!  Families, friends and couples of all ages will enjoy the pristine beaches, museums, parks, shops and area attractions located around the North Myrtle Beach/Wilmington area.

Golfers will delight---over 100 courses in a 45 minute drive.  Oyster Bay, Sea Trail, Panther’s Run, Heather Glenn and many more are within a 15 minute drive!    

Shoppers will delight---antique shops, wineries, boutiques, consignment/thrift shops, outlet stores and more!


Tim Baker, Owner


More photos on facebook: Flip Flops

53% Off at Curatio Rehabilitation

February 23, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

$35 For Your Choice of 1-Hour Massage

With everything the world hurls at you, sometimes you just need to step back, take a deep breath, and get a massage. For those who feel the weight of the world on their shoulders, SavvyTown has found the perfect rehabilitation massage to unburden you of all that tension and stress at Curatio Rehabilitation.

Curatio's massage therapists possess the skilled hands that sore muscles dream about, and with an array of specialized neuromuscular & trigger point therapy knowledge, there's a treatment that's sure to give aches and pains the boot, and leave your body feeling relaxed and restored. Curatio's goal is to promote wellness through massage and a better sense of well being, and will customize your massage experience to fit your specific needs.

Whether it's for stress management, injury recovery, or general health maintenance, Curatio Rehabilition brings relief that will leave you walking out feeling light as a feather, completely unburdened of stress and tension.

So go ahead SavvyTowners. Snag this deal and you'll be sure to treat that body right!

Offer overview

  • $35 for Any 1 hour massage: includes Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, NMT and Sports, Prenatal or Swedish

Terms and exclusions

  • Limit 1 per person.
  • May purchase multiples as gifts.
  • Not valid for Couples Massages.
  • Cannot be used with other offers.
  • Must redeem in one visit.
  • Gratuity not included.

Home Preventative Maintenance

February 20, 2011
Category: CBAY Specials

Kennedy Enterprise is a well established contractor in Mooresville, NC, that even Lowes has been calling on for many of their contractor service needs over the years. 

We have a Home Preventative Maintenance Program which is a low cost service that helps you save money by eliminating high cost repairs or failures, extends the life of home components & systems, reduces health & safety risks and maximizes a home’s value & appearance.

Very much like a maintenance program that we all have for our cars, trucks, computers, electronics, etc., but this program is for our largest investment and at a lower cost.  We inspect the entire home, including attic, crawl space, roof, windows & doors, fixtures, appliances, deck & porch, smoke alarms & fire extinguishers, perform moisture tests, etc.  We caulk what's needed inside & out.  We clean the gutters as needed.  We make any adjustments while we are there.

We visit the properties two times per year, which delivers peace of mind to know that experts are helping to reduce overall costs of home ownership & increasing their return on investment.

Members also receive a 20% discount on any additional work that we are asked do.  This has been very popular in today’s economy.
We would like to offer this Home Preventative Maintenance Program to CBAY members at a discounted price (just mention CBAY).

If you are a landlord or property manager, we have multiple property discounts as well.

Call for an appointment...704-236-9909

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